'If we lose they MUST lose!' Eric Omondi's message to Kenyans

• Eric highlighted citizens had given power to the politicians, calling upon them to rally up and take it back since their concerns were not being listened to

Human rights activist Eric Omondi
Image: Instagram

Veteran comedian turned philanthropic human rights activist Eric Omondi has come out of mourning his little brother, the late Fred Omondi to join Kenyan citizens with sharing their displeasure with the proposed 2024 Finance Bill.

Taking to his socials, Eric called out the 204 Member's of Parliament who had voted to have tabled the bill move to the second stage of debate despite a 3 day public outcry from Kenyans who took to the streets to protest the insane new tax clauses that are outlined in the bill.

Posting a picture of himself dressed in all red with his right fist in the air Eric shared a short yet powerful message encouraging people to not lose hope as power was in their hands.

"Get Ready to RESIST!!! 204 GREEDY, SELFISH and gluttonous P#gs cannot go against the voices of 54 MILLION People!!!" Part of his heated post read.

He went on to issue a warning to the politicians highlighting if they could not listen to the people who gave them their positions of power then the people would be forced to take back the privileges.

"When the Representative of the People are UNABLE to REPRESENT the PEOPLE,THE PEOPLE SHALL REPRESENT THEMSELVES!!!! It will NOT BE a WALK in the Park. IF WE LOSE they Must Lose, #reject finance bill2024," the last of his post read.

His post was met with huge excitement and approval from netizens with it receiving over 78 thousand likes and close to 6 thousand comments less than 24 hours since him posting.

Interestingly, father of 2 was arrested this evening outside the Parliament building where he'd led a few youths in protest.

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