What pushed Gen Z content creator Anini to join protests

• Anini gained huge traction after she shared videos of herself energetically protesting in the streets which were praised by Raila Odinga.

Digital content creator Anini Barasa

Digital content creator Anita 'Anini' Barasa has shared how deeply honoured she was after getting recognized by veteran politician and Kenya's 2nd ever prime minister Raila Odinga due to her heroic activism in the streets of Nairobi during Tuesday's protests.

Speaking during an interview with The Star Newspaper, the energetic Anini urged citizens to learn from the ongoing protests and wake up to the realization that their voices matter and can actually bring change despite what might have happened in the past to make them believe otherwise.

"Girl! That is my father now mimi ni last born wa Raila, I think you all know that na Kenya yote inajua,. I was really honoured, Agwambo thank you so much,"Anini heartily expressed during the interview.

On what propelled her and her peers to fearlessly take to the streets the teen said;

"We had to do something, people have been accepting their fate and thinking like 'oohh we can't really do anything,' but you have a voice and you can use it. So we were like lets go to the ground and now I'll ask you to also go to the ground because what is your reason or excuse for not pulling up?" Anini said confirming she'd still be taking to the streets throughout the week advocating for the rejection of the proposed 2024 Finance Bill.

She admitted she'd been nervous at first but above all she was so excited.

Finishing up the 17-year-old campus student revealed she was a co-founder of Wagwan Nairobi a arts club for digital content creators within the city. Their slogan is, 'Nairobi is ours,'

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