Vanessa Mdee undergoes eye surgery

• One of her eyes has been clinically blind for a long time

Vanessa Mdee
Image: Instagram

 Vanessa Mdee has undergone a successful eye surgery in the US. The mother of two shared this on her TikTok account, letting fans know that she is okay and was recovering.

 She shared a video wearing a red eye patch while dancing with her husband Rotimi.

"When your eye surgery was a success, Glory to God," she wrote.

Mdee opened up about being clinically blind in one eye in 2020.

“I’m clinically blind in one eye as well, but that has not stopped me from pursuing my biggest dreams," she said.

In 2021, the singer said in an Instagram video that the condition developed some time back.

"I got a problem that made one of my eyes blind. For some time, I have been using one eye, the other is blind," she said.

"So ni ulemavu lakini it is not something naweza sema ni ulemavu kwa sababu Mungu amenijalia na jicho ambalo linaona, so it's fine. Maana nimeona juzi kati watu wanajaribu kuleta stories ambazo si za kweli."

Mdee is fiancee to the American singer and actor Rotimi.

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