Fred Omondi's interesting thoughts about church unearthed

• The late passed on after a tragic accident on Saturday morning.

Fred Omondi
Image: Instagram

The late Fred Omondi, brother to comedian and activist Eric Omondi, appeared in an interview approximately three years ago discussing the issue of salvation.

Speaking with host Oga Obinna on the KulaCoolerShow, the late Omondi confessed to having converted to Christianity and discussed how he viewed salvation differently from others.

He appeared to complain about certain issues within the church, noting hypocrisy on the pulpit, which is often recognized as God's house.

"To say I've converted has a different meaning. I believe in God, I've always believed in God. But from what I've seen, even from those who have converted, I'd prefer to be with bar people," Fred said.

He added, "If you face a tragedy, your bar friends will give you millions. From the church, you'll get prayers and choir. Then you'll be obligated to pay the pastor for attending the funeral. Many good people aren't in church. Church is a good place, I have no issue with it, but many good people are absent. Those who pretend are the ones in church."

He said there are better alternatives people can do than going to sing in church all week from Monday to Sunday.

"During that time, just go to Children's Homes. Bless someone. Go and get to know your neighbor. Some people don't know their neighbors. That's an act of kindness," he said.

Fred passed away on Saturday morning in what was reported as a serious road accident on the Outering Road in Nairobi.

Police said the accident that killed Fred occurred on Saturday morning after the motorcycle he was a pillion passenger in was hit by a speeding bus, forcing the rider and the deceased to fall on the tarmac.

Omondi was rushed to Mama Lucy Hospital where he was pronounced dead while undergoing treatment, a police officer said.

A witness said he died on the spot.

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