Check out Thicky Sandra's insane car collection


• She makes her living as a fashion model and entrepreneur by promoting brands on social media.

Mike Sonko's last born daughter Sandra Mbuvi popularly known as Thicky Sandra
Image: Instagram

Sandra Mbuvi, also known by her stage name Thicky Sandra, is the youngest daughter of former Nairobi County Governor Mike Sonko.

Recently, Sandra returned to Kenya from Brighton International University in London for her summer holiday break.

She earns her living as a fashion model and entrepreneur, promoting brands on social media. Based at her home, she is a prominent figure on social media, primarily vlogging her global travels.

Thicky Sandra made headlines recently after showcasing her new fleet of cars, predominantly Mercedes Benz convertibles.

Known for her extravagant lifestyle, she enjoys the perks of being pampered by her parents, who spare no expense in providing her with the best life has to offer.

Among her notable possessions is a red Range Rover, a custom-made luxury vehicle valued at nearly Ksh 10 million, gifted to her on her 18th birthday by her affluent father.

She is often seen cruising around with her affluent circle of friends.

Sandra Mbuvi alias Thicky Sandra
Image: Instagram

Her affinity for high-end cars doesn't stop there; she has also been spotted flaunting several Mercedes Benz convertibles, showcasing her expensive taste.

During Eid ul Adha celebrations, the extravagance continued, reflecting her lavish lifestyle.

Another prized possession in her collection is a Lexus LX570, known for its fuel efficiency and valued at a minimum of Ksh 18 million.

At a lavish birthday party thrown in her honour, Sandra was gifted this top-tier vehicle by her parents, confirming its ownership later on.

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