Tributes flow in from comedy industry after tragic Fred Omondi's death

• The younger brother of Eric Omondi died after being involved in a fatal road accident.

The comedy industry has responded to the tragic news of Fred Omondi's passing, celebrating him as a comedic genius and vibrant personality.

Following the announcement of Fred's death, numerous former co-stars and fellow comedians took to social media to express their grief and pay tribute to his impact on their careers.

Here are some heartfelt tributes:

mammitoeunice: "As a young comic, you gave me countless opportunities to perform at club shows. I remember feeling nervous once, but you encouraged me to take the stage after some intense dancing, and that gave me the confidence I have today! I'll miss you bro! RIP 😇👼 #tikitakatikitaka"

drofweneke: "THE EAGLE 🦅🦅🦅 || This is the hardest thing to do, saying R.I.P!! Aaaaaaiii!!! You always saw me not just as a comedian but as a Man of God. You never called me by my stage name, only 'Pasi,' 'Pastor,' or 'MOG.' You honored me in a way I never took for granted. We journeyed together to the top of the comedy industry over the years. I even remember being your driver at some point 🤣🤣🤣🤣. There's so much to say, but today is about saying rest well bro, may God bless you. Your journey has ended, but you gave it your all. REST IN PEACE FRED"

zainabuzeddy: "inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un. Rip Fred Omondi 🕊 I can't believe this 😭"

jalangoo: "Go well my Microphone WingMan! 😭😭😭"

yycomedian: "If there's one comedian I've traveled with the most, it's You Fred... I never imagined it would end so soon... Seeing your lifeless body at the morgue has been one of the toughest moments for me... I'll hold onto our memories, brother... Go well and Rest in peace Fred.... 😭😭 God be with the family..."

Fred Omondi's unexpected passing has left a deep void in the comedy community, with many reflecting on his humor, generosity, and impact on their lives.

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