Eddie Butita's statement about Finance Bill raises eyebrows

• The Finance Bill has become a hot topic for many Kenyans with a lot viewing the proposals in it unfavourably.

Eddie Butita
Image: Instagram

Comedian Eddie Butita has been trending online after issuing a statement concerning the contentious Finance Bill that Kenyans are hotly debating at the moment.

His communication which was posted on his X page is below;

"As a responsible citizen, I have raised some issues on the Finance bill, especially touching on the creative economy. I have engaged both formally and informally and I am confident action will be taken. That said creatives are not opposed to paying taxes, we are just asking for an harmonized approach."

Kenyans have now reacted to the statement with some applauding his diplomatic approach while others felt it didn't go far enough.

Read some of the comments below:

Chipo Mwitu @juicykairetu Have a stand—it's either a Yes or No. Kizungu mingi peleka Busia.

George Tsitati @Tsitati_George Butita is now using the word 'harmonize' as a euphemism for 'sell-out' to agree with the #FinanceBill2024. Lord, look at how a free ride to the USA from Nairobi has changed your people. The real issue is the 1.5 million dollar plane ride, and of course, #RejectFinanceBill2024.

KSHANKI @ShankiAustine Are you supporting the finance bill? Yes or No?

MR K!NYATHA @MrKifaki You're supporting the finance bill like other state-paid bloggers.

Bro_codes KE @Adrian_realest This is what happens once you get in bed with the government. It's obvious the finance bill is there to oppress mwananchi, but you can't say it straightforward because without the government, you won't meet with Steve Harvey again.

Bella @_Nana_Kc Do you support the finance bill or do you reject it? Wacha mehemehe na kizungu mingi.

Boniface G. Mwangi @BonifaceGMwangi We want a Yes or No. Avoid fences, brother!

Victor Oria, Ph.D. @Nyuka_Bel Lol. The finance bill goes beyond the creative economy.

Yoko @Kibet_bull Juzi mlikuwa na president, you had time to tell him all this.

Isaac K @IKwemoi How come you didn't realize you were being used to justify these taxes when you were smiling for the cameras on your recent presidential trips?

G E N E R A L I @maragia046 Wee mzee, have a stance—not only on matters affecting creatives but also on issues affecting Kenyans in that bill. SAY NO TO THE FINANCE BILL.

Mirage Kitchenware (Mirror account) @ModernKitchn Wacha kutubeba ndogo ivo, mzee.

Many experts have theorized that the Kenyan Finance Bill of 2024 will negatively impact the creative industry by increasing the tax burden through higher VAT, income taxes, and digital service taxes, reducing consumer spending power.

It will also raise operational costs for production and import duties on equipment, deter investment, and stifle innovation.

Freelancers and small businesses will face financial strain, and the competitive disadvantage may affect the global reach of Kenyan creative content. Overall, the bill could hinder the growth and sustainability of the creative sector.

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