What Willy Paul misses about being in Kenya

• Pozzee is feeling emotional about missing Kenya

willy paul in Germany courtesy instagram
willy paul in Germany courtesy instagram

Musician Willy Paul is desperately missing being in Kenya, according to the sentiments he has expressed.

The singer has been in Germany for the past few days and is feeling emotional about not accessing certain things in the 254.

He is promoting his newly released Beyond Gifted Album and announced he had landed in Cologne, Germany for a performance.

"Pozze In Germany.Germany 🇩🇪 I’m In Town, First Show Tomorrow 1st June. Watu Wa Cologne Germany Tell a Friend To Tell a Friend," he shared while calling it a world tour.

Congratulatory messages soon followed at his achievement.

Pozee has been looking forward to his trips abroad and according to a post he shared, he performed at an East Africa Festival in Amsterdam on 3 June.

He believes he is making international airwaves with his fans as they share the music challenges involving his songs.

Meanwhile, he is keeping up with all things Kenyan, including sharing his opinion on the controversial Finance Bill 2024. 

He was also following up on what his friends were doing online. One such person was Guardian Angel who was enjoying a sumptuous meal of Ugali and Sukuma. The hot piping plate made Pozee salivate.

Pozee seemed to love how yummy the food appeared 

"Men I miss Kinyan food dangg!" 

This made Guardian hilariously mock Pozee over the tweng " 😂😂 siku mbili tu ndugu yangu Ushamiss" 

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