Video: Rachel Ruto's office to honour Njambi Koikai in a special way

• Njambi, was a endometriosis warrior having battled the crippling condition for 25 years

Jahmby Koikai's body at Lang'ata Cemetery

Senator Gloria Orwoba has announced the office of the first lady has taken it upon themselves to honour the late Njambi Koikai cementing her legacy.

Njambi, popularly known as Fhay Mama was a endometriosis warrior having battled the debilitating disease for 25 years. With unwavering determination, she strove to bring awareness about the illness to the general public by sharing her journey and helping others in the country who were affected in any way she could.

During her funeral proceeding that's currently taking place at Lang'ata Cemetery, Senator Gloria praised the fallen endowarrior for her courage and strength as she announced the office of first lady, Rachel Ruto was making plans to set up a endometriosis center in the country.

If this is implemented it'll be a breath of relief for most women who suffer from the condition and have to raise millions of funds to fly overseas for surgeries and treatment.

The politician went on to emotionally eulogize the late media personality stating. 

"If you know that you have a purpose in this life, for example like Njambi used to say that for sure, for sure she was going to change so many things in Dagoretti South. And I think even in her absence she has already changed so many things,"

Finishing up, Senator Gloria highlighted how deeply she had been inspired by the late Reggae enthusiast and how she lived her life adding Koikai's fight had finally come to fruition and her legacy would always live on.

"The fact that the office of the first lady is sitting down and strategizing how to put together an endometriosis center is because of Njambi! It is not because of any politician or any minister, it is because of Njambi.

Even in death, her legacy lives on and that is the one thing I want to take with me. I want when God calls me people can come and say this is what this person did. Everybody knows what Njambi did from the reggae community to the women and girls and I truly want to celebrate her," Gloria fiercely said.

Three weeks before her passing the late Koikai had sent a health proposal to President William Ruto, who was on a three-day national tour of the United States at the time.

Using her social media accounts,she urged Ruto to also consider treatment for endometriosis, highlighting that investment in healthcare was one of the key areas of his visit.

"Honorable President, one of the key areas in your visit is investment in healthcare...Atlanta, Georgia, is a dream city for every young girl and woman who has ever struggled with this terrible disease called Endometriosis. There's a center dedicated to restoring the lives of girls and women who have been crippled by this disease. The @centerforendocare,” she explained at the time.

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