President Ruto calls out Kimani Ichungwa for greeting him with hand in pocket

• Kikuyu MP greeted Ruto with one hand in the pocket

ichungwa courtesy
ichungwa courtesy

Kikuyu Mp Kimani Ichungwa has been called out by President Ruto after greeting the Head of State with one hand in his pocket.

The legislator in a video on NTV, drew the comment from the President who wondered aloud about the actions of the MP.

President Ruto was headed out to Italy and on hand were several leaders to see him off. The President alights from the front passenger seat of his official vehicle to greet Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua.

The second person to receive the President was Chief of Defence Forces Charles Kahariri.  

The President has a brief conversation with the General, enquiring about his well-being.

The General warmly salutes and responds, as a smiling Ichungwa moves closer to shake the hand of the President.

The leader of the Majority in the National Assembly was wearing a blue suit and his left hand in his pocket.

He leaned in and firmly shook the hand of the President, who smiled back and briefly looked away.

The Head of State then turned back to gesture at the legislator.

The President shakes his hand calling out his name, and while holding onto the right hand, points at his left hand, to gesture and seemingly demand to know why

The vocal and youthful MP also looks down at his hand in the pocket before quickly removing it. 

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