Biggest feuds amongst Bongo Flava artists and how they all started


• These feuds frequently play out in the media, with social media posts and interviews occasionally acquiring a confrontational tone

Tanzanian artists
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Bongo Flava, is a thriving and captivating Tanzanian music genre famed for its addictive rhythms and fascinating songs.

The genre has generated a slew of great vocalists who have captivated audiences throughout Africa and beyond.

Diamond Platnumz, Ali Kiba, Harmonize, and Rayvanny, are among these stars, who have not only gifted us with their music but also played a role in a complicated web of feuds and reconciliations that have become practically messy in the Bongo Flava scene.

Diamond Platnumz VS Ali Kiba

Historically, there have been reports of disputes between some of these artists. Diamond Platnumz and Ali Kiba, for example, are locked in a battle for the coveted title of "King of Bongo Flava," with both aiming for musical dominance.

These feuds frequently play out in the media, with social media posts and interviews occasionally acquiring a confrontational tone.

The causes of these confrontations might be numerous. Competition for prizes, endorsements, and fan loyalty is important.

Clashes in musical styles, as well as personal differences, can worsen the situation. These feuds can have a major impact on the music industry.

While they may elicit excitement and anticipation from fans, they can also impede collaboration and creativity.

Fortunately, there have been some instances of reconciliation and partnership. Diamond Platnumz, for example, had offered a hand by inviting Ali Kiba to appear at his Wasafi Festival.

Diamond Platnumz x Ali Kiba
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Harmonize VS Rayvanny

The feud began when Harmonize advised artists to take it carefully when releasing alcohol-themed songs.  Rayvanny slammed Harmonize, alleging he was jealous since he had no successful song on booze.

Later, Harmonize responded by claiming Rayvanny was still loyal to Wasafi after leaving the label months ago.

The enraged artist retaliated, claiming Harmonize was not his match and pointing out that he even composed verses for him on a song they recorded together.

Rayvanny officially parted relations with Diamond Platnumz-owned record label WCB Wasafi in July 2022, while Harmonize left in 2019.

Rayvanny and Harmonize appeared to have fixed things. The two ex-WCB artists are now following each other on social media.

Rayvanny x Harmonize
Image: Instagram

These moments of oneness demonstrate the outstanding musicians' potential to create even more powerful music by blending their distinct styles.

Factors leading to reconciliation might be as complicated as those producing conflict.

Perhaps a desire to move forward, mutual regard for each other's abilities, or even intervention by industry heavyweights pave the path for these reconciliations.

In the realm of Bongo Flava, feuds and reconciliations appear to coexist. Undoubtedly, social media's ability to heighten tensions and build fan following contributes to the perpetuation of these cycles.

However, it can also serve as a forum for announcements about reconciliation and partnership. Finally, the Tanzanian music scene thrives on the inventiveness and talent of its performers.

While feuds might make for a compelling story, moments of unity and teamwork have the potential to generate the most amazing music.

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