Mixed reactions as Cera Imani hits the gym with Frankie


cera imani and frankie
cera imani and frankie

Khalif Kairo's ex, Cera Imani is looking to get into the best shape of her life and is hitting the gym with fitness influencer Frankie Kiarie aka Frankie JustGymIt.

The two celebrities can be seen on Frankie's YouTube channel, breaking a sweat as they work out. His captions read, "Weak in the knees."

Cera has Arthritis, as she confessed that she has had the issue since class 7, and how the cold weather affects her.

The lifestyle expert sympathised saying, "Damn you are weak at the knee," he says as she demonstrates how clumsy her walking style can be at times.

Cera informs Frankie that she works out at home, but needs to go harder, therefore he desires her to join the gym.

He laughs hilariously as she groans with 10kg weights.

"I swear 10kgs is heavy. Si ni eben tu mtungi ya maji kwa stairs? hata naskia mafuta ishaisha," she begs him about the routine he has put her through.

He gets tickled at that thought as he demonstrates how she should do weightlifting.

An impressed Cera tells him, "Look at how effortlessly you are doing it. Jeez, can I be you?"

He responds, "Kuja. Don't let the weight control you," he explains.

They continue with banter as he urges her to try lifting the weights again. She groans again doing her best to lift with her lefthand before saying that it was a struggle

"Now I understand when you say people give moaning sounds in the gym. It comes unprovoked," she says to which they all laugh together.

He shared a tip to make it easier for her

"So what you should actually do is start with your weaker side. So that when you are doing your strong side, it can only do as much as your weaker side."

"As women, I don't know why after workouts we look at the mirror expecting instant results," a statement he agreed with.

They then continue their cute banter about the benefits and rumours about working out. 

Below are reactions to the workout session between the two:

@Chronicleofages..If you know you know

@xpresstv7689....Bro, is menace to society....

@betterself254...The sounds have me asking "is it JUST GYM or IT's other short stories"

@rosearunda9263...A big congratulations, frankie, for opening your own gym

@MistriiiMusic.....They know exactly what they're doing lmao

@JeffreyPhil-pv9qn....wadau ..... hiii imeenda !!!! hii imeenda!!!

@acouslyk....Some good ASMR breathing sounds

@lavellmahar1241...Frankie hutuma gym ikae kitu fun n rahisi

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