Karen Nyamu to Diana Marua: I can teach you how to be a co-wife

• The rapper had gone for advice from Nyamu and her baby daddy after she caught her man being twerked on by ladies with well endowed backsides.

Karen Nyamu
Image: Instagram

Nominated senator Karen Nyamu is trending on social spaces after an episode of her feature on The Bahati's Netflix show was shared online.

In the video that has been making rounds mostly on TikTok the mother of 3 alongside her baby daddy, Mugithii artist Samidoh Muchoki was seen advising a distraught Diana Marua who had come to them  for relationship advice.

Diana expressed how disrespected she felt after she walked in to find her fiance, Kevin Kioko aka Bahati being twerked on by ladies with well endowed backsides.

The aspiring musician lamented that her man seemed to have been enjoying the performance and had his hands on one of the ladies who had actually been sitting on his lap.

She argued that even though the ladies were vixens for a music video he was shooting that was taking things too far.

"The issue is not even the size of their assets but the disrespect I saw. I was like, how did it get this far even if it is work?” Diana B voiced as she sought advice from the politician and her baby daddy.

Responding to the reality TV star's issues, Nyamu noted she felt Diana was overreacting, making mountains out of anthills.

“Your problem is women twerking for your husband, yet he's working? Maybe he's not even their type, and you're here complaining. The vixens are there to be paid, and maybe they're not interested in Bahati. That's a very small issue," the nominated senator animatedly told Diana.

She went on to ask her friend not to bother her with such tiny issues again adding she thought Diana B was coming for lessons on how to handle a co-wife.

"Hio ni kitu ndogo sana na mimi usiwahi niita tena... niite kitu kubwa. Mimi nilidhani ata Baha ako na dem. Nilitaka kukuuliza how serious are they nikufunze kuwa co-wife.

(That's something so small, don't ever call me again over such things... call me for serious things. I even thought Baha has another girlfriend. I actually wanted to ask you how serious their relationship currently is so I could teach you how to be a co-wife.)" Karen said boldly.

Diana B hurriedly rebuked her friends remarks firmly stating she would never settle on sharing her man with another woman.

“Having a co-wife is not my portion! I don’t understand how I should allow that, saying it was his line of duty," Bahati's fiance said seemingly still distraught.

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