Eve Mungai reveals political ambitions

• The 24-year-old confirmed she's been working on how she's perceived online, in a bid to cement her future goals.

Mungai Eve
Image: Instagram

Digital content creator and brand influencer Eve Mungai has revealed that she is eyeing the political arena and would be making her debut in the new future.

The 24-year-old media personality confirmed that she has been changing her online presence, how she is perceived and how she communicates overall so as to package herself as more professional in a bid to cement her future goals.

Eve slyly touched on the subject after YouTuber Oga Obinna mentioned a change in her demeanor during a guest appearance that she made on his channel.

The father of 4 dramatically voiced how the Eve he was conversing with felt insanely different from the one he knows and is used to. 

"Why are you being very professional with me?" Obinna animatedly asked Eve mid interview as he imitated how she had been talking during the first part of their interview.

He went on to drill her some more asking, "Why are you plastic? I do not want the plastic you! Unanipiga PR ya nini as if I do not know you? Unanipiga PR zingine..."

Seemingly breaking character, Miss Mungai let out a loud burst of laughter that seemed to be a breath of fresh air to the host who had been only receiving small chuckles and smiles from the young lady. "I'm very professional," Eve argued softly.

"Now that is you!" Obinna said heartily while acknowledging Eve's laugh. Still on the subject of her new personality he went on to inquire, "Kwani you want to be a politician? You want to be an MCA?

To which the digital content creator candidly replied by saying, "In future probably,"

"Are you planning on joining politics?" A shocked Obinna asked in a bid to confirm if his guest was actually being serious or just playing with him.

"Yes," Eve firmly confirmed.

She however, refused to reveal which county or ward for that matter that she would be making her debut in.

"Ebu wachana na mimi," the digital content creator said urging the host to move from the subject.

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