Emotional Alphonse Makokha discusses details surrounding wife's death

• The 'Vioja Mahakamani' actor's wife is yet to be buried as the funeral planning is still ongoing.

Alphonse Makokha with his late wife
Image: Courtesy

Long-time comedian on the KBC TV show "Vioja Mahakamani," Matayo Keya, popularly known as Alphonse Makokha has spoken about his late wife Purity Wambui, who passed on Sunday, June 2, after a long battle with cancer. 

During an interview with Tuko.co.ke, the actor emotionally divulged the effect that the death had left on his kids.

"It has hit and affected them. They are in disbelief. The youngest, who is 11 years asks where mum is. I have to lie and say she is in Heaven. She has gone to be with the Lord. I have to counsel the little one. It is painful, sad and hard," a heartbroken Makokha said.

He also explained that the late Wambui had died while he was on his way to work and that the death would be something that would haunt him forever.

"Nilikuwa naenda job. I told my daughter, please take care of your mum. I was going to look for my daily bread. Kabla tufike katikati ya safari," the distraught Alphonse said.

Lastly, he finished by advising men to never hit their women and stressed that there would never be a justification for that.

"Nilikua nasema wamama ni watu wa maana sana duniani…..wanaume msijaribu kuinua hata mkono hata slap…tunajua wana mdomo but don’t try to hit your wife at all," he said.

The late Purity still hasn't been buried with funeral plans still yet to be announced. But contributions are ongoing according to Hiram Mungai Ngigi, also known as Ondiek Nyuka Kwota, a long-time fellow actor and the chairman of the funeral planning committee.

Through his Facebook page, Nyuka Kwota mentioned that the deceased left behind a substantial hospital bill writing,

"His dear wife, Purity Wambui Msagani, has passed away, and we are asking for your help to cover her hospital bills and provide her with a deserving send-off,."

“If you would like to support Matayo during this difficult time, please send your contributions to the following account: Account/Mpesa Number: 7870966. Account Name: Shanice Njeri Msagani. Your generosity and kindness are greatly appreciated,” Nyuka Kwota requested.

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