The Bahati's - Why it's such a big deal for TV show to be global

• The Bahati Empire show premiered on Netflix on Friday, June 7.

The Bahati's have kept details of their Netflix reality TV show a secret for 8 months. The show dubbed The Bahati Empire finally premiered on Netflix on June 7.

It was well received by their fans however one detail upset many. The show was only available locally leading to protests that it should be a global one to include their international fans.

The Bahati's agreed as well, encouraging fans to tag and comment on the streaming app. Bahati explained to Betty Kyallo on TV47 why they have proved a popular family.

"When you want to go big you go big. You either go big or go home. They did it for Kenya so when they put the show on the platform, yes they know we have fans across Africa, so they have locked it within Africa.

"They didn't know that the Bahati's are global," he added laughing.

"And that's why I have told people, to go tag, and comment. Tell them because Kenyans we are no longer local anymore."

He also spoke about why they planned their Kenyan launch on short notice. Their Chief Guest was DP Rigathi Gachagua, who accepted the 24-hour invite.

Bahati also explained that he broke protocol saying,

"I know I had 24 hours to plan the launch, 24 hours to invite people, and I knew because by doing this show we're opening so many doors to content creators, and filmmakers because this is basically the biggest streaming network in the world. When you are given opportunities, they -Netflix- did it for Kenya."

"I called the Deputy President and I told him I know this is a short notice, your protocol doesn't allow this, but please you need to honor this for the sake of the industry and the young people, the creatives."

"I told him mi ningependa kuandika barua, but he was like he was in Nyeri and he travelled, hapo ilikuwa heshima sana and by surprise he was there on time," he praised the politician.

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