Mike Sonko offers his car as security for Ian Njoroge's 700K bond


Ian Njoroge
Image: Mpasho

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has offered to give his car as a guarantee for Ian Njoroge who was caught on video assaulting a traffic police officer on Thika Road.

His only condition is that Ian does not run away.

Njoroge was released on a Sh 700,000 bond.

He also shared photos of himself and Ian's lawyer.

"With Ian Njoroge, his parents, relatives, and one of his lawyers, Mr. Okatch strategizing a few hours ago."

He also gave out 3 documents of his car , and advised

“Kwa hiyo mtachagua gari moja kati ya haya matatu. Chagua moja lenye wakili ataona kama linafaa na linaweza kusimamia dhamana ya Ian Njoroge, lakini hakikisha bora asitoroke,”

Through his socials, Sonko alleged the officer worked under him when he was a Member of Parliament.

"ONLY A PARENT UNDERSTANDS CHILDBIRTH PAINS. After an incident where a motorist Ian Njoroge attacked a traffic police officer, yesterday I received a distress call from the mother of the said motorist, asking me to intervene. Her son is a first-year student at the Technical University of Kenya. As a parent, I could also feel her pain. So, I took the initiative to contact the assaulted officer who was once my bodyguard when I was an MP, and humbly requested forgiveness. Fortunately, the officer has accepted the family's apology and is willing to forgive Ian."


 Ian Njoroge  was caught in a viral video beating a police officer along Kamiti Road.

Ian was arrested hours later in a house he was hiding in Kayole, Nairobi. 

He was arrested in the Jacaranda area Sunday night as he allegedly planned to move out.

Police say he knew he was wanted and had allegedly  contacted a friend to help him move to Jacaranda estate from his Balozi estate.

The horrible drama was caught on camera attracting outrage from the public. The drama happened Sunday morning.

The incident happened after the driver was involved in a traffic incident at Mirema junction.



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