Rev Lucy Natasha heartbroken after losing her account with 470K subs to hackers


• Recently alot of influential people have been losing their accounts to hackers at an alarming rate.

Rev Lucy Natasha

Reverend Lucy Natasha has become one of the latest public icons whose account has been hacked.

Earlier today, Rev Natasha addressed the matter on her Instagram page and officially revealed that her YouTube account had been hacked with close to half a million subscribers and over five hundred million views.

Just the other day, digital content creator and influencer Kevin Maina also lost his TikTok account to hackers.

It is unfortunate that our YouTube channel Rev Lucy Natasha has been hacked with close to half a million subscribers and over five million views. Any current communication from the hackers is not from us and should be treated as such,” Rev Natasha wrote on her Instagram page.

“Our digital team together with our communications office is working at recovering it in the quickest way as this channel has impacted lives globally.”

Recently alot of influential people have been losing their accounts to hackers at an alarming rate.

People who have social media accounts should stay on the lookout and also report any suspicious accounts or emails that they come across.

The hacked YouTube account has been so impactful in the world since it has enabled Rev Natasha to win more souls for Christ through her ministry.

Also through her YouTube account, it has increased Christian engagement all over the world through the sharing of scriptures, encouraging messages and ideas that build Christians spiritually and strengthen their relationship with God.

Through this YouTube account, we have seen a lot of youths get saved and be redeemed back to Christ hence separating the soul from the flesh and this has helped them refrain from worldly acts that are against God’s word.

Netizens comforted her with warm messages encouraging her that she would retrieve her account sooner than she thought.

“Our God is able. You shall recover it all,” a fan commented on the post.

“We pray for the recovery of the channel Mama Oracle,” another fan commented.

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