Major reason Mylee Staicey loves dating her new guy

• The content creator formerly used to date musician Weezdom.

mylee staicey gorgeous smile courtesy instagram
mylee staicey gorgeous smile courtesy instagram

Mylee Staicey has moved on and is dating a new man. The former ex to singer Weezdom declared she is done dating popular men, as she engaged fans on her social media.

"I will never date a popular guy ever again in my life," she said.

A fan had demanded to know if she only dates popular guys to gain fame. Mylee rejected this notion, saying it is an assumption many have about the celebrity.

"Oh my goodness, what do you mean? I would never."

She then took the opportunity to announce that she is currently dating, and her new man is very private.

"The guy I'm dating is actually very private. Na mwenye na date is private, mwenye sitawahi muonyesha on my social media. If I ever post a man on social media, just know it has been hacked. Or this person is lost, but I will never post him."

She believes this is what will make this relationship last.

"So no, no, I feel like I have crossed that line that bridge in life. At the moment it's a no, I love my men private with zero followers, zero social media accounts, just anonymous. "

Her lifestyle too is something that interests her fans, who question her source of wealth. Mylee denied having a sponsor, who funds her lifestyle.

"Guys mko serious I've been getting this question a lot. Oh Mylee anapenda watu wako na pesa, ndio anaishi life anaishi, I have one question for you guys. If you follow me on Instagram angalia kwa bio yangu, I call myself a brand influencer, content creator and a fashion model. These brands, do I work for free?"

She attributed her lifestyle to hard work

"Once and for all let's just stop it, Let's appreciate women working hard."

The fashion influencer added that she has trust issues. 

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