Wonderful reason Ruth K has been missing online

• The mom of one shares a child with comedian Mulamwah.

Ruth K
Image: Instagram

Mulamwah's baby mama Ruth K has been missing online for three weeks. She returned a few days ago, much to the delight of her fans who had been questioning her absence.

Ruth in a new video on her YouTube, explained while apologizing for being MIA.

"Si mmenitafuta," she started off by noting the concern from some of her fans.

She added that she received numerous messages privately seeking answers.

"DM yangu ilikuwa full, are you okay, bestie we missed you bestie aki rudi."

She is now sharing a new recipe, as her fans excitedly commented on her new look. She appeared to suggest that she had been in Kitale enjoying a quiet life.

"I am here Nimekuja na miguu yote machakula za Kitale, makuku ma ugali zimenipee energy."

She appreciated her premier gang for patiently waiting for her comeback.

"Anyway, guys I had missed you. For those that have been checking on me, 'Asante.' Huko Instagram tulikuwa tuna chat."

The mother of one even said the break from social media has seen her add weight, catching up with family,

"Nilijipea a little break. Kitale was good, I enjoyed, nili catch up, nimeongeza, mnacheki? Nimongeza, nilikuwa nalishwa actually...mother in law, ma brother in law, ma cousins, ai, I want to go back."

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