How King Tizian's huuuge blessing has turned into nightmare for him on social media

• The former boda boda rider has experienced a lot of fortune ever since his spike in popularity on TikTok. 

King Tizian
Image: Instagram

TikToker King Tizian has described his life over the past few months as difficult after having to navigate social media owing to the intense criticism.

The latest bashing comes after he displayed his new car, an Audi A7.

"There is a lot going on especially right now, a lot of negativity sijui mnasema nini...The thing I need to do right now is go be with the realest people that's my family. It never gets better than that. My mum and dad will never turn on me," the former boda boda rider born in Nakuru said.

"The part that has pushed me to go be with them, 80 percent pushed me is that 'mnyama'," he said showing the white vehicle.

He travelled to Nakuru where he was received like a hero with church prayers to bless it,

"Inafaa iende iombewe, sijawahi fanya hivo, inafaa iende church iombewe, there is a lot."

He also hung out with his mum who reassured him of her support despite social media rumours and more so over the criticism of his lifestyle. 

"Kwanza hio kitu inaniboingi sana," adding she raised him in a Christina home, and he would never do such things.

Some of his followers commended him for having such a beautiful relationship with his mom in the comments section.

Some of those reactions are below:

@annahsimiyu1401.....Ameeen as YouTube views we also bless this car it the mighty name of Jesus Christ we pray for you young boy,Mungu akikubariki awalumbuke pia wote ambao wamewatch hii video hallelujah Ameen

@user-sd5rl9kr8k...Amen mungu akuondolee mikosi barabarani popote utembeako

@kadimplekaswetie6701...Congratulations I don't why I cried so hard when pastor was praying

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