Diana Marua - I will stay with Bahati for the sake of our haters

• The couple has been trending because of their publicity stunts this past week.

Bahati with Diana Marua
Image: Instagram

Diana Bahati has declared she is with her husband Kevin Bahati for life, and nothing can shake their union. Diana spoke up about being a topic of national discussion a day after unveiling their new Netflix show Tuesday, June 4th.

Taking to her YouTube channel on Wednesday, June 5th, Diana announced to trolls.

"Yaani ile siku nimekosana an Baha, yani I feel amenifika hapa -pointing at tip of tongue- naskia ni kama naweza mtema " laughing "he let me tell you, I will hold my man, I will yani...nitakaa na huyo mwanaume for the sake of you guys who want to see our downfall. I am telling you for free," she declared defiantly.

She also spoke about the Bahati's officially being a Netflix family.

"That is how we are confusing you guys right now. As you are busy behind your screens, doing whatever you do on your phones, eating popcorn and sipping tea and tagging other people, cheki kitu Baha amepost, ei there is trouble in paradise," she mocked Kenyans.

The rapper also revealed the team at EMB studios behind their clout-chasing activities, saying,

"Wapangaji, wachoraji, wapangaji wa kiki. Kikilicious house."

In the video taken at EMB studios, Bahati showed Diana how he posted a photo of her and footballer Victor Wanyama.

She laughed hilariously telling him, "Alar, people are thriving in negativity?" as Bahati instructed Diana to post a photo of him with his other baby mama, Yvonne.

"Say less," Diana stated as he explained what her reaction should be on her social media.

"So guys since mnataka udaku, by the time you are watching this video, y'all would have known that it's kiki, because wale wanasema tutaachana mtangoja sana, mapenzi tight ka kifuniko ya gas," she went on.

"I will hold on my man, for the sake of you guys who want to see our downfall. I am telling you for free mahali tunaachana. If you want to roll your eyes, if you want to root for us, thank you. At the end of the day those are your opinions and we will stick together." 

She then finished by slamming netizens saying the couple is an Empire that won't crumble.

Late last year the pair began working on an exclusive project and had been giving proposals to Netflix for 9.

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