Tracy Wanjiru gives tips of how to leave your lazy girl era

• She said these unique and actionable techniques that helped her break out of the “lazy girl era” effectively

Tracy Wanjiru
Tracy Wanjiru

NTV presenter Tracy Wanjiru is giving ladies some unique and actionable techniques that helped her break out of the “lazy girl era” effectively.

1. Minute Rule: Beat procrastination 

The 3-Minute Rule is a psychological trick I discovered in early 2024. It suggests that starting any task for just 3 minutes can significantly boost motivation, as the hardest part is often just beginning. This actionable tip is easy to implement and highly effective.

2. PIERS Method 📈 Purpose, Impact, Enjoyment, Reward, Stretch: I learned about the PIERS Method for goal setting. It stands for Purpose (why it matters), Impact (who it affects), Enjoyment (tasks you love), Reward (what you gain), and Stretch (pushing limits). This structured approach helps in setting meaningful, achievable goals.

3.Energy Audit: Track activities that drain/boost energyIn February 2024, I conducted an Energy Audit, tracking activities that drained or boosted my energy. This self-awareness tool helped me identify energy vampires (like endless scrolling) and energy boosters (like short walks). Viewers can replicate this for a personalized productivity plan.

4.1% Progress Daily

My biggest takeaway from Q1 2024 is the power of the 1% Rule. Making 1% progress daily in any goal leads to exponential growth (thanks to compound effect). Over a year, you become 37 times better! This principle turns the “lazy girl era” into steady, sustainable progress.

She went on to give tips of how to use Positive Reinforcement: Identify Rewards:

1. Choose small, meaningful rewards that will motivate you. This could be anything from a favorite snack, a break to watch a short video, or a few minutes of a favorite hobby.

2. Set Clear Milestones:Break your larger goals into smaller, manageable tasks. Each time you complete a task, you earn a reward.

3. Consistency is Key:Consistently reward yourself every time you achieve a milestone. This helps build a habit and reinforces positive behavior.

4. Celebrate Progress:Take time to acknowledge and celebrate your progress. This boosts your confidence and motivation to continue working towards your goals.

Further, Wanjiru gave tips on how to create an effective action plan!

1) Define your end goal,

2) Break it down into smaller tasks,

3) Set deadlines for each task,

4) Regularly review and adjust your plan.

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