Moureen Ngigi's confession leaves Size 8 emotional

• Moureen is a digital content creator, an influencer and a mom of one.

size 8 and moreen ngigi bond over cyberbullying
size 8 and moreen ngigi bond over cyberbullying

The cyberbullying that content creator Moreen Ngigi experienced after giving birth by C-section continues to affect the mother of one.

Moreen, opened up about the heartache of being shamed to Size 8 on TV47 on the Love In The Wild segment.

She spoke about suffering blood pressure during her pregnancy, something that Size 8 related with her own experience.

"I gave birth via CS, the reason I want to talk to you like bado hio kitu iko in me, ime take a toll on me. We came back home you have to continue with life, so people didn't understand they were on me so much. the first picture I took from hospital, I still had that stomach," she cried.

"Woi, it pains me, to see this girl cry," Size 8 sympathised with her. 

"I think I haven't healed yet. " Moreen told Size 8 "and then the most hurtful part women ndio walikuwa wananiattaack most. The things many of them were saying kwani ako na ball ingine. I have just delivered, kwnai hujazaa," she said about being mocked.

Moreen delivered her child via CS, following doctor's advice, arising from a complicated birth attempt.

"It's ok mama if you feel like crying, cry. Aki women why do we bully each other until we see each other crying or not."

The gospel minister comforted her saying, "In this place of celebrity life there are people who of course waki kuongeleela, they don't understand what is going in life and you are allowed to feel bad, kulia."

Moreen indicated she is trying to grow a thick skin to deal with online attacks.

"They were telling me I don't know what labour is. I didn't get the chance to labour, that I haven't known labour pains so I am less of a mum."

Size 8 then reacted furiously telling her, "Ei but CS sometimes is not a choice," she protested.

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