How Zari Hassan will handle her sons' marriages

•  The mom of 5 is known to be very involved in her kid's lives.

Zari Hassan with her 3 sons
Image: Instagram

Zari Hassan is ready to be a mother-in-law to her Gen Z sons' wives and promises to be the best mother-in-law ever. 

Taking to TikTok, The Boss Lady said;

"But I all honesty, we are supposed to let our children be, yes we can advise accordingly whenever they need help but stay out of children's marriages. I will never be that mother in law."

In 2022, when her first born son had turned 18, Zari opened up about netizens asking her if she would allow her son to date.

Zari was responding after getting DM's of single women asking her to hook them up with her firstborn son, Pinto.

"People keep telling me to hook them up with my son Pinto. Listen, my kids gonna have their own lives. It's not at any one point that I am gonna tell my child this is the girlfriend you need to be with, this is the boyfriend you need to be with," she stated.

Zari added that as a mum, she will allow her sons to have their own life. She praised herself saying she is raising well-behaved men who will treat their women in the right way.

"I am not that person, I am not going to be that mother. My kids gonna have their lives, they gonna date whoever they want to. I am raising handsome, well-behaved, and humble men," she said.

"I will be your mother-in-law sometimes. A cute nice one, you know.

My son is taking care of himself, he is a handsome, Bcom student who will take over a multi-million business. I feel you. Go find him in the DM and I will be here waiting for the woman he will bring to me."

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