Eddie Butita maturely reflects after some Kenyans called out Miss Mandi

• The comedian has been flying high the past few weeks after accompanying President William Ruto on his state visit to America.

Eddie Butita
Image: Instagram

Comedian Eddie Butita has come out to reflect on his past differences with former Capital FM radio presenter turned content creator Miss Mandi.

The comic had a very mature and forgiving outlook about the past incident telling a local website that Kenyans should let bygones be bygones.

“It was up to her to turn me down, and the public should let this one go, even though it keeps coming up. I think Miss Mandi had a right to say what she said, we are all human beings, we have choices and that was hers.

The only question was how she went about it, she probably could have been a bit nicer without necessarily being ridiculous. It was wrong, but then again, who doesn’t make mistakes?"

The ever-rising Butita has had to address the issue because Kenyans online had dredged up a past tweet when Miss Mandi once mocked his comedy.

In the tweet,  Mandi told Eddie that she didn’t think he was funny and that his comedy would never get him a radio job, which he desired at the time.

This isn't the first time Butita has shown grace regarding this issue. In January 2022, he accepted Mandi's apology to all the people she had ever wronged.

Mandi had apologised for ‘unintentionally’ hurting those she had interacted with, although she maintained that she could not recall any instances of bullying.

“I feel terrible that some of my actions could have caused some of those who have interacted with me such distress because that is not who I am now or what I stand for,” she said in a statement.

Butita responded by writing on his Insta-stories, "Apology accepted. Ambieni Miss Mandi nimemsamehea, I wish her well."

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