Things Official Kinuthia carries in her handbag

• Kinuthia has warned her fans against referring to her as bro.

Kelvin Kinuthia
Image: courtesy

Crossdresser Official Kinuthia loves handbags, and oozes rich aunty vibes as he goes out.

One of his best loved possessions are handbags. 

What would the crossdresser possibly need in the bag? He admitted he carries crazy things on his YouTube channel.

While he alleged it was a joke on his friends, Kinuthia went ahead to remove items from his handbag 

"So guys I have been seeing this content yenye watu wanaonyesha their bags, then they reveal what is usually inside the bag, sindio?"

He showed off his black square double handle handbag 

"Coz I also know you people mnatakanga kujua what is inside my handbag. So, this has a few things, I stock up, but let me add some things so that when they -friends- come.

The thing is this. What I am about to do kuna story na condoms, kuna story na tampoons, so I will tell them I have a video that I want us to shoot. It is just um, I want to show you people what is inside my bag. So that they can be able to tell me if the things in my bag are helpful or if nabebanga tu vitu just to carry them"

Kinuthia informed his audience that he would be adding some extraordinary things to make the situation awkward

"I want to put things like condoms, sorry for that, I want yani vitu kama tampons and if they ask me, I will give a genuine reason to see their reaction"

His friends are Sam and Shiphira and they were concerned he may have a fetish.

Kinuthia insists the things are just for content creation. the pads and tampons are for his female friends caught in an emergency.

"Buying condoms is not easy. If you see me in a supermarket and see me getting those things, just know that it's for content"

He added an Ipad, 2 pairs of sunglasses, charger, tampons and pads, vaseline, perfume, comb, microphones, a boxer for his male friends in case of an emergency, a panty, lipstick, deodorant, purse, mirror, chocolate, car key, condoms for his friends.

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