'Challenges' of being Governor Sakaja's wife- Beatrice Sakaja

• Mrs Sakaja says she prefers being away from social media.

Nairobi county First Lady Beatrice Karanja
Nairobi county First Lady Beatrice Karanja

Beatrice Sakaja is the First Lady of Nairobi County.

The First Lady in a hearty conversation about motherhood, spoke of her journey raising two boys with the Governor, plus her marital challenges.

She told her YouTube channel 'Hey Mama, that she avoids social media a lot'.

Her husband Arthur is a very public figure, and she explains how she navigates life as a politician's wife

"Interestingly, the marriage started, the children started when he began politics, My firstborn was like one year old when he was nominated MP. So it's the only thing I know."

There are challenges as well 

"The challenges that come with it I guess I never realized how busy he was until he got busier. When he became Governor it was crazy, I remember thinking, uh finally, we can relax after the elections,.

Sometimes I joke that I am the only one who has proof of life, everybody else just smells him, his cologne, oh yeah Dad has been here. But did Dad come?

That's the kids, so it's interesting to compare it to my childhood where my father was fairly present. He was a civil servant, he didn't have crazy hours, so he was the type of dad who came home, sat with us for dinner, "

during his swearing in ceremony at Nairobi governor at KICC on August 2th 2022
Johnson Sakaja and his wife and kids during his swearing in ceremony at Nairobi governor at KICC on August 2th 2022

She doesn't have a problem with this though

"But again like I told you, I don't think there is any specific way that kids have to be raised. So I don't begrudge my husband's inability to come home for dinner and sit with the kids because he has other ways of meeting and being there for them. "

The charming first lady prefers a quiet life, 

"So that was challenge number one. Like I told you, I like to live my cocoon life. And it's fairly easy for me as an adult to just avoid news or information that I don't want to read about. So if somebody is dissing my husband online, I don't read it, and my friends and family know that they shouldn't send it to me. They don't bother, so I can live in that cocoon."

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