Guard narrates horrifying encounter with Rongai lion that killed his boss's dog

• Family in Rongai speak up after a stray lion killed their dog

• Guard mourns dog mauled and killed by a stray lion in Rongai home

Guard narrates horrifying encounter with Rongai lion that killed his boss's dog

The family in in Olmeut Village, Rongai, where a lion was spotted jumping the perimeter fence late at night have spoken up about the incident.

A week ago, CCTV footage captured a lion roaming a residential area in Rongai, before jumping on a stone fence.

The lioness quietly looks into the compound from atop the fence as security lights dim.

After surveying, the lioness jumps inside and moments later, jumps back on top of the fence with its prey.

She takes off with a dog.

A guard Joshua Osigi, was on duty on 21 May, and at around 10 pm, the family dogs began to furiously bark.

"I came out one final time to ensure everything was ok before going to sleep But just as I was returning inside the house I heard the dogs barking."

He was disturbed by their behavior and went to find out what the problem was.

"I turned to look back, I saw the lion had already grabbed one dog stepping on it. ni kama kumalizia alikuwa anammalizia. "

He swung into action, hitting mabatis to scare the lion. "Alikimbia akiwa na yule mbwa Akaruka gate na akatoka nje. alikuwa ametarget huyo, akamchukuwa. Yuko makini sana"

The dog was a rottweiler breed," the dog was called Jessy. The brother has been left alone. Jessy was a very keen dog, and infact that is the reason I think it was the first to be grabbed by the lion. 

Joshua spoke to Citizen TV describing how horrified he was when he saw a lioness mauling one of the family dogs.

Isigi quickly took a metal rod and scratched the iron sheets in a bid to scare the lioness. This trick worked, but the hungry big cat was determined to make away with its kill.

He said that lions frequent the neighborhood, killing dogs. 

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