Gossip is ungodly - Michelle Ntalami after being questioned about past life

• Ntalami rejects plea to talk about her previous lifestyle after getting saved.

Michelle Ntalami
Michelle Ntalami

Businesswoman Michelle Ntalami will not allow anyone to draw her into gossip about her previous life, since she has now turned over a new leaf.

The businesswoman testified a week ago that she had accepted God into her life.

Her spiritual journey is now something that many Kenyans are coming to terms with, including Milele FM radio presenter Ankali Ray who called her to seek clarity.

In their on-air call, Michelle refused to respond to his query about her previous lifestyle, indicating Gossiping is a sin.

"Shem Shem praises Jesus So ni kweli. Praise Jesus for sure. So ni kweli kabisa umeokoka? " he sought confirmation of her transformation.

The Marini Natural CEO said yes, as he launched immediately into his reason for calling her "Shem we are really happy that you have decided to make such a very important decision in your life. So Michelle Shem ni kweli kabisa umeokoka ya kweli? " adding " So what really happened labda kwa kifupi najua ulishawahi kuongea before lakini kwa kifupi. Kwa kiswahili"

"100 percent I'm now walking with the Lord. " the celebrity said directing him to her YouTube channel to listen to her announcement.

"Nimeshaa angalia Shem ndo maana nika kupigia. Nimeiangalia kabisa. Sasa nikuulize, kabisa yale mambo ya andro sexual umeachana nayo kabisaaaa! Mambo ya Makena umewacha hiyo mambo?" he sought to know about her previous lifestyle.

"You watched the testimony? Let it bless you and change your life. And one of the sins that God does not like is gossip ..umbea, okay? I would urge you shem (laughing) just the way I did to relook at your life when it comes to gossip. Umbea si mzuri," she brushed him off

The Kiswahili anchor tried to encourage her to gossip "Ah lakini hii ni umbea mzuri " he begged her.

Michele remained firm

"Shemeji, yes, you are my brother in Christ, so I say this with love, coz you see the Lord showed me where I went wrong. One of the things, umbea me I don't gossip, I never ever used to gossip and I do not gossip, but I know you like that. See whether you are right with the Lord on that. Thank you so much for calling. " the call ended.

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