From Trisha Khalid to Chef wa Eastlando: Celebs who were conductors aka Makanga

• Actress Trisha Khalid is the latest celeb to admit to have ever worked as a conductor for a bus company

A PSV Matatu during Nganya awards
A PSV Matatu during Nganya awards
Image: Moses Mwangi

1. Trisha Khalid

Actress Trisha Khalid confessed to being a conductor for a popular travel bus company while she was living in Likoni.

"Na mbona hamtaki kuamini when I said I worked as a conductor wa modern coast? "

"I worked for Modern Coast as a conductor. " she did this while waiting for an attachment opportunity after completing college," she informed Oga Obinna.

2. Chef wa Eastlando

Jangu Hudheif aka Chef wa Eastlando in April told Oga Obinna that he worked as a makanga in Umoja. 

"Nikaingi squad, nilikuwa donda. but nilikuwa kamagera kwanza na seti." he opened up about his quiet lifestyle.

3. Jimal Roho Safi

Jimal is a matatu owner, whose beginning was as a makanga.

He often speaks out about it on his socials, to encourage and serve that hard work pays.

"They said I will never make it, I remember like yesterday…… that's the life when you live in the Ghetto….." he penned in Nov 2023.

4. Simon Kabu

The businessman runs a tour and travel company, but his humble beginning was in the matatu industry along Kahawa West.

He spoke to Citizen TV in 2019, "Going to school without shoes, being a Makanga to pay for my university fees. I’m humbled. " he shared. 

He worked to raise fees for college, when he was in his third year.

6. Njoro was Papa Shirandula

Kenneth Gichoya aka Njoro 

"I was a Makanga then since acting was not sustaining me," he told in 2022 in an interview with Buzz Central, where the actor earned 50 bob.

 Njoro said the 'Makanga' job made it easy for him to get to town as he was starting off his acting career since he would not pay bus fare

7. Govi aka Malik Lemmy

The former Machachari actor was a makanga in South B. He revealed his struggles in 2021, as a child raised in he was raised in the ghettos at Wangige and later moved to Imara Daima's Mukuru Kwa Njenga.

Here he picked up this hustle .

''I was a Makanga at South B at only five, we could come from school and hit the matatu stages to fill up matatus. My cousin was the one who was teaching me the ropes.'' 

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