Stoopid Boy comes clean on whether he’ll be going to rehab

• The Gbag na Jat singer trended a few weeks ago after demanding to be paid for an interview that was to be done by Dr. Ofweneke.

Mungai Eve with Stoopid Boy
Image: Instagram

Gbag na Jat singer Stoopid Boy has weighed in on the matter of rehab over concerns about substance abuse. He joked with YouTuber Mungai Eve that he would get treatment for issues related to his battle with that.

"I'm supposed to be in a rehab next week. Naenda rehab Mombasa. Nikae wiki mbili nikuje na ngoma ingine."

But he also indicated he could extend his stay up to a month, depending on unnamed factors.

"Rehab yangu ni ya sherehe," he mentioned to the content creator

Eve was shocked that he would admit such a fact reminding him of his statement that he was struggling, "saa huendi rehab ya ukweli?"

"Saa mbona niende," the freestyler retorted.

Eve said, "You said you wanted to deal with your use of substance," she reminded him to which he continued, "Mi nisha punguza. Hapo before ilikuwa ngori."

He confessed that he wrote the lyrics to the song Gba na Jat when he was intoxicated while attending a traditional wedding in Kinangop.

"Nilikuwa tu peace of mind kidogo nikaandikia ngoma."

The Gotta City artiste said happiness and respect are his goals, not wealth.

"Pesa si kila kitu kukuwa tu na uhai na respect. Hizo tuu ndio kitu.. kumotivate."

He also revealed that he is inspired by rapper Breeder LW. 

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