President Samia inquires about Diamond at Harmonize's event

• The two Tanzanian stars are known for their love/hate relationship over the years.

Harmonize greeting President Samia
Image: Courtesy

On Saturday, Bongo star Rajab Abdul Kahali, popularly known as Harmonize, hosted a grand event to launch his fifth album at the Milimani City Hall in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

A large number of invited guests, including notable artists, graced the glamorous event, which was also attended by President Samia Suluhu Hassan.

While addressing the guests at the event, President Samia, who was the chief guest, praised the singer’s album and his growth.

"I have been watching Harmonize. I looked back to Harmonize six, eight years ago, and how he is today. He has made me very, very happy. You see a grown Harmonize," President Samia Hassan said.

The Tanzanian leader also commended other artists in the nation for their significant contributions and the impact they are making, noting that they too are growing.

The President mentioned that there were many challenges artists face before succeeding, but she encouraged them not to give up.

"My many young people go through that, like Rayvanny... Is Rayvanny here? Ommy, Dimpoz? Is Naseeb here? He's not here... but many go through those challenges. And they have persevered," she said.

President Samia had the chance to interact with the mother of the Konde Music Worldwide boss and praised her for her great job raising him, something Harmonize took pride in.

Expressing his feelings about his mother meeting the president, Harmonize couldn't hide his joy and described the moment as a dream.

"Don't wake me up, the sweetest dream ever to happen 005," Harmonize wrote on his Instagram page.

He accompanied his message with a photo of his mother greeting President Samia.

Konde Boy had invited many prominent Tanzanians, including the country's top singers, to his Saturday event.

He had even invited his former boss Diamond Platnumz, with whom he has long been rumored to have a beef. However, Diamond and his main rival Alikiba did not appear at the event. His former colleague at WCB, Rayvanny, however, attended the splendid event.

Harmonize bringing together major rivals Diamond and Alikiba This event could be very significant for the Bongo Flava industry if all the invitees show up.

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