Craziest thing Carrol Sonnie has ever done for love

• Muthoni also issued a disclaimer about her revelation to avoid speculation.

Carol Sonnie at the Radio Jambo studios
Carol Sonnie at the Radio Jambo studios

Carrol Muthoni aka Sonie is enjoying her journey on YouTube and has been sharing her life with her ardent fans. She recently hung out with Dorea Chege, Mylie Stacey, and Morin Actress, where they had a blast.

In a segment they dubbed 'Girls Tag' in a conversation about love and dating, she opened up declaring how embarrassed she was about her actions.

She began with a disclaimer, "It is not who you think it is."

She also cautioned that it would be insightful.

"Hii nayo ni kuchoma ki design. So today's conversation is going g to be about what is the most stupidest, the silliest thing you have done for love." 

Beginning with her own confessional she said, "Hee let me tell you Maina," a commonly used phrase in Kenya to describe a sticky situation.

"Let me not even be the first to talk," but her celebrity friends protested.

Muthoni then continued, "Disclaimer whoever you think it is, it is not," she stressed.

"We have done more crazy things in our past. By the way msishangae, tumekuwa na...." gesturing behind her.

"So don't be shocked. Me, let me tell you Maina, I don't know what got into me, Ushawahi tengeneza kitenge mother in law?"

This prompted the other girls to laugh and be curious about what she was talking about.

Carrol continued to narrate, "Unashona yako, alafu unachukuwa measurements unapeleka kitenge ashonewe pia."

Kitenge is a traditional material loved by Kenyans to design outfits for family gatherings, and other occasions.

"I mean you need to prove a point, what are you talking about! Eh not even my mother," saying the idea was to match outfits and look cute.

MorinActress was tickled and asked Sonnie what happened to that relationship.

"Now let me tell you, mi sijui but yoh, nakaanga chini hivi nasema nini ilikuwa imeniingia. I mean I could have made it for my mother, or for the guy, or my dad," she continued about her embarrassment.

Dorea Chege assured her that it happens when in love. "It's just a way to please the guy," which Muthoni agreed with. 

"Maybe, mama's boy so lazima you hit the ground, lazima you hit where..." pointing downwards.

"Na bado nikaachwa," she ended her account of the relationship. 

Her last major confessional moment came in November 2023.

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