Singer Chemutai Sage emotional as she works on new music

• Sage pens heartfelt message as she embarks on new music

chemutai sage
chemutai sage

Singer Chemutai Sage has penned a heartfelt message as she embarks on a journey to make new music.

The Still Alive singer referred to a difficult time in her life that impacted her music projects.

"Working on New music this season, and I don't think as songwriters we talk enough about how much of an emotional time this is for us. Sensitivity is an understatement." she began 

She is also a mental health awareness advocate, using inspiring messages to help those in need.

"Everything that I feel turns into a song. As someone who has been in and out of depression and can sometimes be in long seasons of numbness, it can be overwhelming to suddenly feel so much. Is that why we like to create in isolation?"


"At the same time, it feels fantastic to let life flow in me. Everything. The joy and the hurt. Wish me luck 🫰🏾"A ship in a harbour is safe but that is not what ships are built for" John A Shedd"

Fellow singer Karun reminded her she was doing an amazing job with some equally encouraging words

"Omg well said 🥲 it can be overwhelming, but yayy new Sage music soon 💃💃"

Wendy Kims also welcomed her thoughts on a sweet note

"I feel you babe in the same boat!!! Excited for your new music!!"

Her debut album is Expose Yourself with the song 'Still Alive' a collabo with Octopizzo receiving acclaim. To date, fans still comment under that video, about what a wonderful song it is.

She is a classically trained pianist (Kenyan Conservatoire of Music) and self-taught guitarist. After high school. Sage performed as a background vocalist and keyboard player for Muthoni Drummer Queen.

The soulful singer then went on to play for several bands that included; Ministry of Love (Country Rock), Jazz Girls (All girl jazz band), and Le Tortue (Rock).

In 2011, she went solo recording and releasing her debut album Expose Yourself.

A song in that album named 'Heaven', was featured on the soundtrack for award-winning Kenyan feature film 'Rafiki'.

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