KFCB goes after YouTube bigwigs as they fight back


• Abel Mutua, Njugushm Terence, AwinjA, YY, Mulamwah are among Youtubers given 14-day ultimatum by KFCB 

• KFCB puts YouTube content creators on spot over filming licences

Abel Mutua, Mammito, Njugush, Awinja and Terence Creative

The Kenya Film Classification Board has written to several Kenyan content creators and given them a 14-day ultimatum to obtain filming licenses or face legal action.

Among those affected include Oga Obinna, Jacky Vike alias Awinja, Njugush, Abel Mutua, YY Comedian and Mulamwah.

In the letters sent to the actors’ emails, the film board said the content creators had been operating in violation of Section 4 of the Films and Stage Plays Act by operating without a filming licence.

“We refer to the above matter and write to you as follows; our attention has been drawn to your YouTube channel where you have continuously uploaded audio-visual content for purposes of exhibiting and distributing it to the public without acquiring the requisite filming licenses from Kenya Film Classification Board,” the letters read.

Acting CEO Paskal Opiyo said the Act requires that all film-makers producing films within Kenya for public exhibition or sale, locally or internationally, must obtain a filming licence.

“Additionally, Section 12 requires that all classes of film being distributed, exhibited or broadcasted within Kenya must be examined by KFCB and a certificate of approval issued,” Opiyo added.

He said the board was acting within its mandate to regulate the creation, broadcasting, possession, distribution and exhibition of film and broadcast content in the country.

“Consequently, we demand that you strictly comply with the requirements of the Films and Stage Plays Act by obtaining filming licenses for your films and submitting them for examination and classification before the same is exhibited and distributed to the public through your YouTube channel,” the acting CEO said.

“Take notice that unless you comply with the above in the 14 days, we shall institute legal proceedings in accordance with the provisions of the Films and Stage Plays Act and other relevant laws, without any further reference to you and at your own risks as to costs and other attendant consequences thereto,” Opiyo said.  

The communication drew varied reactions from the content creators with Awinja calling out the board for not having sought engagement with them prior to the ultimatum.

“Yani the moment there have been increased positive content creation, job creation and international recognition, KFCB mnafufuka,” she said in a statement on X.

“The fact that you have not even considered a sit down with content creators, you have just gone straight to red-taping us, it says so much about your intentions,” she added.

Wololo. Sasa hii ni gani tena?? Hebu mniupdate jamani, mimi nimechanganyikiwa. Lemme halla at my friend Ezekiel Mutua anichanue before kinirambe,” Obinna said.

“KFCB says there's a trend, I quickly shoot a clip on my phone to run with the trend but I first send it to you to approve the two-minute "film" Instead of using YouTube's own checks. Jameni guys, gagging ama ni hali ya kutafuta? Kama ukona YouTube channel unaona je?,” Njugush said.

KFCB, mnajua nacheka nini? Hii ni maajabu,” Abel said.

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