Burna Boy - Why I don't have a child yet

• The musician has often faced malicious allegations that he's impotent.

Burna Boy
Image: Instagram

Renowned Nigerian singer, Burna Boy, has opened up about the reasons why he is still not considering having his own child despite his age and significant success in his music career.

In the video, the award-winning artist explained that he does not have a child because he is not yet ready to be a father to anyone.

According to him, he wants to be able to give his children more love and care than he received from his parents.

He further dispelled all rumors circulating that he is unable to have a child.

In the video, Burna Boy stated that he cannot detach himself from the love of his parents at the moment and embark on the journey of finding his own child, revealing that his mother and father love him excessively.

In his words:

"I don't want to have children yet. Have you seen my operation, bro? Have you seen how my mom loves me? Have you seen how my dad loves me? I know I can't give anyone right now, with the life I live."

"You feel me... when I'm settled and feel like I can be there for my children every day and every minute, I don't have a child. I feel like my children deserve better than I got. Let's say I couldn't have children, there's like IVF that I can do. So those rumors are not true."

Watch the video below:

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