The best type of women, according to Brown Mauzo

Mauzo broke up with Vera Sidika in 2023.

Brown Mauzo
Image: Instagram

Singer Brown Mauzo has been keeping things simple online, as he perhaps focuses on other things.

However one thing he has been doing is sharing motivational quotes, with the latest being about the best type of woman.

The Coast based singer told that it would be a good decision to have such a woman

"The best women are always going to be the most difficult."

If you cant deal with it, get yourself a basic one" he informed netizens.

Here are signs that show a woman is difficult:

She is cynical, independent, she wants you to express your feelings, she has over protective friends, she holds her emotions deep inside, another trait is she is in charge of her home life and wants immediate gratification.

She is impatient in nature but very good at the same time.

Mauzo and Vera Sidika split last year in a move that caught their fans and followers by surprise.

He shared a joint message announcing their split, asking for privacy.

The couple are parenting their two children and appear to be getting along.

Neither has disclosed what led to the end of their marriage.


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