Mwalimu Rachel: Why I rejected Kiss FM's job offer twice despite the good money

• Mwalimu Rachel now hosts the Kiss Drive with DJ Xclusive. 

Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive

Media personality Mwalimu Rachel says that she turned down calls to join Kiss FM twice. 

Speaking to Mpasho’s Kalondu Musyimi, Mwalimu said that at that particular time she felt like she was not ready to make the big move.

Rachel's journey with Kiss 100 dates back to her days at HomeBoyz Radio, where she was deeply involved in a show that was just beginning to gain traction.

"The first time Kiss wanted me to join their team, I was still at HomeBoyz, which was a rival station at the time. My show was flourishing, and they were asking me to jump ship," Rachel said. 

She mentioned that sedpite being given a good offer by Radio Africa group sge was still reluctant to make the switch. 

“I looked at it and still said no. Something was telling me it's not the right time. They came for me twice and with every offer they increased the salary offer. It was very tempting, but I felt I hadn't given my all to the show, which was just starting to make a name for itself... I had not expressed as much as I wanted to. So I said no to the money,” Rachel added.

"Sometimes, when you have a dream and you want to see it to the very end, you have to turn down great packages, and money. It takes patience, understanding the industry, and not focusing so much on the money but on building your brand," she said.

However, in 2024 she accepted an offer to join Radio Africa failed two attempts. She now host the Kiss Drive with DJ Xclusive. 

"The time was right. Everything sort of aligned. I am in that period where you can see I am transitioning. I have more to offer because I am now getting into a new space in my life," Mwalimu said. 

"I’m older so I can offer more sound advice to young people. I can speak in the space of a presenter, a businesswoman, a mother, and a career woman, and somebody who still aspires for more in life," 

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