Size 8: These past few days my faith has been on the test

• The mom of 2 used the story of Shadrach, Meshack and Abednego to give her testimony.

Size 8 reborn
Image: Instagram

Gospel singer, TV show host and reality TV star Size 8 has opened up about going through an insanely tough couple of days as she thanked her inner circle for being by her side during the trying time.

The mother of two while sharing on her socials went on to highlight how her faith had been tested as took time to encourage people out there who might be going through a tough time as well.

"These past few days my faith has been on the test. Thanks to all who have stood with me and my family in prayers.

I have truly seen the hand of God," the reality TV show star who is married to DJ Mo wrote.

She went on to quote from the Bible the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego who are known to have been burned alive but the heat did not scotch them and how she takes comfort in the fact that the 3 walked in a furnace and came out alive because God was with them.

"We can also go through fire but remember the fire can manifest in many ways and it is a test of our faith," the mother of two added.

Coming to an end of her lengthy Insta story post, Size 8 went on to give a word of encouragement to people out there who might be going through their own version of fire reminding them she has witnessed that one is never alone.

She also encouraged them to hold onto the good that has happened in the life during moments of darkness.

"Hold on to your faith for there is always a fourthman in the fire His name is Jesus Christ, we are never alone... And never forget the good God has already done in your life," the last of her post read.

The gospel artist also went on to share a screen grab of the post on her Instagram page. Captioning the post, she elaborated on some ways that she feels "the fiery furnace" can manifest itself in modern life quoting things such as,"sickness, loss of a loved one, floods, marital problems and loss of property," just to mention but a few.

She, however, did not disclose what her furnace was or the issues she had been going through.

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