Pastor Lovy Longomba expecting child with wife

He started off in Kenya as a secular musician together with his late twin brother Christian Longomba in the group 'The Longombas'

Prophet Lovy and Prophetess Maggy

Former Kenyan singer cum American pastor Lovy Longomba is expecting a child with his wife Maggy Elias. This will be the couple's first son, although Longomba has a child from a previous relationship.

A video showing Longomba, with his wife and teenage son announcing the pregnancy is now making rounds on social media,

"Sweet baby Elias coming late summer, thank you Jesus!" The couple wrote in a joint Instagram post


The couple walked down the aisle in May last year. His wife described him as her forever best friend.

He recently advised men about marriage.

"Young men, if you don't know where you are going, don't get married. Where are you gonna lead her to? If you can't provide for yourself, don't get married," he said

"How are you gonna protect her? Provide for her and secure her? If you have no future projects don't get married coz a woman is a helper."

"If you have nothing going on what is she gonna help you with? If you don't have self-discipline, don't marry. You are going to have false expectations for her that you yourself cannot achieve. "

Adding "Listen take your time. Marriage is sweet at the right time. Like my brother Aj always says, marriage is like a credit card, you use that thing right, it's gonna get you your credit score high, you use it wrong and it's gonna go all the way down," he laughed.

Longomba is the founder of Revelation Church based in Simi Valley, California. He started off in Kenya as a secular musician together with his late twin brother Christian Longomba.

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