Betty Kyallo's soft launch of mystery bae elicits hilarious reactions

• The mom of one last week revealed that she was dating a man from the Western region saying that she felt happy.

Betty Kyallo
Image: Instagram

Media personality Betty Kyallo has stirred fans after posting an image that has made many wonder whether she had soft-launched her new man.

This came after she posted an image of herself in a certain room with her caption reading,

"He got me 77 inches and flowers. ☺️☺️ Happy Mother's Day to me."

That got the fans going crazy with many speculating about who the mystery man might be while others couldn't get over the 77 inches remark.

Read some of the comments below:

pascaltokodi 77?!?! Are you OK????😂

litt_evally 77 yiote betty yawa ,alafu kuna mtu anapewa 1inch kila usiku 😮😮

lynette.rachi He got the inches girl, next year tunakuja baby shower. There's no way out of this one 🤭

marsai_4u That “ Inches “ got me offguard 😂😂😂 ama ni vile sikuenda Leo kanisa ?

msafiwafujo Eish Salasya anajituma

fw_evanson But he got 4 inches 😂

kabeidoh I told you, you Gods gal

wakihiuwanjiru42 77, Alikupea yote at once au alikua anamove ring??😂

joyskimani ❤️❤️❤️ beautiful...lucky you sisi tumejiambia happy mother's day 😂

janet_williams0 Salasyia he so romantic 🙌

billymiya 😂😂😂😂 Got confused with the Inches

sheibahati Happy mother's day Mama Ivanna.

fairviewfurniture 77 inches???mayooo😂😂

A few days ago, Betty had opened up about the man she was dating in an interview with Ali Hassan Kauleni on Bahari Ya Elimu.

"My man is from the western region. I am settled now and I feel happy," Kyallo revealed.

She openly admitted that when she loves a man, she naturally takes on a submissive role.

"When I love a man, I do everything for him. I cook, I kneel for you, I massage the man, anything. But I have to love you in order to do all this."

Navigating her love life as a celebrity hasn’t been easy, as Betty has faced both admiration and criticism online.

Regarding wedding plans, Betty remained coy, "We'll see about that. I don’t want to talk too much about it and then something happens."

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