Watch - Pastor Kanyari promises to buy new lady friend a Lexus

• The cleric has been getting Kenyans excited this past week with his stimulating exchanges with a lady called Rish Kamunge.

Victor Kanyari
Image: Courtesy

Controversial preacher Victor Kanyari and his purported new good 'lady friend have been captivating internet users with their live TikTok sessions, discussing their future plans.

While it remains uncertain if they are considering a real-life romance, Kanyari and entrepreneur-turned-artist Rish Kamunge have been exchanging playful banter online, expressing affection towards each other.

In the latest viral video circulating online, Rish is seen asking Kanyari to upgrade one of her vehicles to match his status.

Curious about her current car collection, Kanyari inquired, "Which cars do you own?" To which she responded, "I have a Toyota Harrier and Nissan Note."

Kanyari then cheekily remarked that he had sleeker cars than she had.

However, Rish humorously reminded him of his ownership of more luxurious vehicles. "I've seen you with a V8 and a Range Rover. What more could you possibly want, Baba? Can you at least upgrade my Nissan Note?" she quipped.

With a wide grin, Kanyari pledged to fulfill her request. "I will buy you a Lexus. I'll even purchase a helicopter, all in Jesus' name. Regardless of what people might say," he declared.

Watch the video below:

Read some comments from Kenyans who watched the video:

Kym 🇱🇷🇰🇪🤣 🤣 Rish,you only have a note.....huna harrier

@Winnie_Marcie Best money heist combo 😂😂😂😂

Trombone Amekataa Lexus juu ya Harrier 🤣. wooi. Kikuyu babes

dt1Idontwant peace 😂😂imagine wanjinga wengine used to believe kanyari😂😂😂how do they feel now after seeing this

Envoy kwame wakenya chungeni mifuko yenu this combination will be so lethal?!!

This isn't the first time that the duo are amazing Kenyans with their banter. Last week Rish stunned Kanyari when she flirted unashamedly with him.

The hilarious clip went viral online, capturing the interaction he had with a certain woman on TikTok.

In one particular clip, the lady boldly expressed her affection for the preacher, who joined the TikTok platform a few months ago, referring to him as her partner.

She went as far as suggesting that they feature on a billboard together, leaving Kanyari momentarily speechless as he processed the unexpected proposition.

The conversation took a sudden turn from light banter to provocative discussion, with Kamunge delving into explicit details about intimate activities.

At one point, she even displayed suggestive behaviour on camera, leaving Kanyari, who was relatively new to TikTok, visibly surprised.

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