Singer Habida leaves Rashid Abdallah's drama series 'Zari'

Habida played the role of Harriet

Habida showing off her stretch marks.
Image: Instagram/Habida

Kenyan singer Habida Moloney has left Rashid Abdallah and Lulu Hassan's popular drama series 'Zari.' The reason as to why she has left just months into the production is yet to be determined.

Habida played the role of Harriet, which will now be played by former TV presenter and actor Sabina Anyango Stadler.

Sabina debuts on the show on episode 145 of Season 1.

"Zari," often christened as a modern Cinderella story, revolves around a young woman's quest to uncover her hidden family fortune and inheritance.

In addition to her acting prowess, Sabina has contributed significantly to the television landscape, having appeared in TV shows like "Changing Times" and produced films such as "Utapeli," "Ndoto," "The OddPair" "Papa Shirandula" and "Inspekta Mwala'

Sabina's career trajectory includes a stint as a Swahili News Anchor and Reporter for Nation Media Group, along with hosting various TV shows like "Upishi Extra" and "Chamaa Show."

Furthermore, Sabina's dedication to the arts extends beyond the screen, as she previously served as the Cabinet Secretary for Arts, Culture & Sports in the Office of Nairobi Woman Representative.

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