Larry Madowo left shocked about troubling Old Trafford fact

• The CNN correspondent had attended the Manchester United vs Arsenal game.

Larry Madowo at Old Trafford
Image: Instagram

Renowned Kenyan international journalist Larry Madowo was among thousands of football fans who watched the Manchester United vs Arsenal match live at Old Trafford on Sunday evening.

The CNN journalist, who supports Arsenal, enjoyed watching his favorite club win 1-0 against their long-time rivals in a highly emotional match.

Madowo recorded some key moments of the game and posted photos and videos on his social media accounts.

"Should I buy a ticket for today's game? Or will Arsenal break my heart, and I save my money?" Larry Madowo tweeted before the match, attaching his message with a photo of the outside of Old Trafford stadium.

As the match progressed, the seasoned journalist updated his followers, informing them that he was seated among Manchester United fans, making it difficult for him to celebrate Arsenal's goals.

"I think Arsenal will win this game," he wrote as the match went on.

He also appeared to celebrate after the match ended with Arsenal leading 1-0.

In addition to the match events, the former KTN and NTV journalist also noted a major leak in the roof of Old Trafford, causing a lot of water to pour into the seating area.

"Heavy rain at Old Trafford but Arsenal fans haven't stopped singing. What a victory!" he wrote under a video showing heavy rain pouring onto the field.

"Man United's roof is leaking like their defense line!" Madowo complained.

Under another video of a major leak in the stadium roof, Madowo seemed to claim that the stadium was in worse condition than some stadiums in Africa.

"If I hadn't recorded the waterfalls at Old Trafford myself, I wouldn't have believed it. I've seen better pitches in Africa," he said.

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