Akothee - I'm 43 and my baby daddy still makes me cry

Piece by: GRACE MUIA

• The mom of 5 opened up after touching on the recent drama between Nigerian dancer and singer Korra Obidi and her ex-husband, Justin Dean.

Image: Instagram

Akothee, the self-professed president of single mothers, has been touched by the ongoing drama between Nigerian dancer and singer Korra Obidi and her ex-husband, Justin Dean.

Recently, Dean won a case against Korra, preventing her from sharing videos and photos of their two children online.

Korra expressed her sadness about this, seeking help from fans to raise money for a good lawyer to overturn the court decision, stating that her children play a significant role in her entertainment career.

In a lengthy social media post, Akothee stated that co-parenting can drive a person insane if not handled maturely.

She urged Korra to stop the drama and advised Justin to leave Korra alone and allow her to share photos of their children, also giving her time to collect herself.

"One person must have some decency, or else the situation between them is a death trap. This push and pull and living each other's lives is foolishness," wrote the mother of five.

"And Korra, stop this nonsense, my daughter. Men have no emotional connection with children. I'm not saying they don't love their children, but the pain you experience while fighting for children is twice as much as a man's. If I were you, I would try to make peace.

You see, Justin has now hurt you, those are men. My young father also told me he didn't want to see any man posting pictures with his child.

It's a man's thing, but it's meaningless, it just reminds you that he has a share and speaks about his children, yes, he contributed," she added.

Akothee pointed out that Justin had a say in how their children were cared for if he was to take responsibility.

"Whether he's malicious, bitter, or honest. You can take this to the bank. I see you both as very toxic in this parenting issue, and it seems you both need help. I swear you both were never friends; you were dating your enemies, you both slept with your enemies," she said.

Sharing her own experience, Akothee said that the co-parenting game still makes her cry to this day. She also noted that it was not right for Korra to seek help from fans.

"Korra, I'm 43 years old, and my baby daddy still makes me cry. My child is 15 years old, my other child is 11 years old. Until yesterday, I was still shedding tears.

This co-parenting requires maturity, patience, and understanding, not a chest-beating. Wait, you're asking for financial help from fans to support a legal case.

Fans are not your family. As a public figure, they rely on you, they won't do this a second time, you still have to find ways to make a living.

"But just know, my daughter, you won't end these parenting wars. This thing is bigger than all of us. Your children are under 4 years old.

Korra, you have 14 years of crying, crawling, begging, and suffocating, and at this rate, one of you will lose it. You both are acting like daytime and nighttime, Sadam Hussein, Russia fight. Hello, what's wrong with Korra and Justin?" she concluded.

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