Mulamwah speaks on how life is taking him on Mother's Day

• The couple has been spending time in the comedian's rural home.

Mulamwah with his bae, Ruth K
Image: Instagram

The Oyando family is spending time bonding with the larger clan in Kitale. Kendrick Mulamwah and Ruth K landed in Kitale a few days ago and received like heroes.

The couple has shared a video on her YouTube channel this weekend showing how much love they are receiving.

Among those overjoyed for the couple is Mulamwah's grandmother who traditionally blessed their newborn son.

"Since we have been here, I have not held him. I only breastfeed," Ruth K said, "Mtoto kumbe si wangu. But it feels nice," the mother of one shared.

"We are going to see shosh to see what she will say," the comedian told his fans.

When Ruth K was pregnant, the granny had argued that she was carrying a girl but Ruth disagreed with the elderly woman telling her that an ultrasound had shown a boy.

Also receiving blessings was Mulamwah's new car. 

"Hapa ndio nimekaa, nimesoma hapa yani this is my whole life," the comedian stated about being back in Kitale from Nairobi.

He got emotional about the progress in his life and the blessings he has had. He declared about his happy family life on Instagram.

"mulamwah mblessed sunday from us ♥️♥️ , GOD IS GREAT. loving life lately. kukhu na kalamwah wamewasalmia ♥️♥️"

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