Massive culture shock Shon Arwa faced after marrying Nigerian man

• The content creator also opened up about the differences in the way a mom-in-law behaves when her son's wife has given birth.

Shorn Arwa
Image: Instagram

Content creator Shon Arwa has revealed the cultural shock she experienced after marrying a Nigerian man.

Shon, known for boasting about marrying a wealthy Nigerian man, recounted various aspects that bewildered her, particularly after the birth of her first child.

In a TikTok video, she expressed surprise at the constant presence of her mother-in-law, a phenomenon she had never encountered before.

However, she stood firm on certain practices concerning her baby, such as refusing to allow his hair to be cut, despite her in-laws' desire to shave him just days after birth.

"They wanted to tie the baby at the back when he was just a couple of days old. I couldn't agree. I insisted the umbilical cord was still fresh, and we should wait.

In our culture, we wait until the baby is around three months old before tying them at the back. But for them, it was almost immediate.

When I returned from the hospital, they planned an intense bathing session for the baby. It involved scrubbing, and I cried throughout because I felt they were hurting my baby," she explained.

Shon also mentioned her bewilderment at her in-laws' belief in placing a lantern light on the baby's tummy to expedite the healing of the umbilical cord.

In February last year, Shorn recounted how recurrent UTIs had led to discovering her pregnancy.

She admitted being clueless about conceiving and answered a fan's question about when she realized she was pregnant.

Feeling unwell, she and her Nigerian husband sought help from a nearby chemist. Despite medication for a UTI, her condition persisted due to its recurrence.

She eventually went to the hospital for a test confirming her pregnancy. Excitedly, she received the results while having a meal with a friend, though she restrained her screams of joy.

She also went on to divulge that her Kenyan parents thought the news was a prank when she first told them.

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