Incident that caused Andrew Kibe to stop being a 'simp'

• The content creator has become well-known for his divisive opinions about inter-gender dynamics and relationship advice.

Andrew Kibe
Image: Instagram

Controversial social commentator Andrew Kibe has recently delved into his past behavior during a candid discussion on the Mic Cheque Podcast.

The media personality and content creator confessed to being a 'simp' in the past and recounted instances where his actions reflected this trait, prompting a reassessment of his approach to life.

(A simp is typically used to describe a person, often a man, who is perceived as overly submissive or accommodating to someone they are romantically interested in, often to the point of sacrificing their own dignity or self-respect)

One sad incident he recalled involved his inability to effectively communicate with a girl, leading his friend to swoop in and steal her away.

Feeling inexperienced and uncertain about how to express his intentions, Kibe admitted to his friend taking advantage of the situation, leaving him hurt and confused.

"I was very inexperienced. I tried to get her but my buddy saw I was fumbling... He took advantage of the situation and slept with her. The following morning I went to ask her why she did that. I was asking her to make it make sense.

"Imagine nimeoshwa dem and am still going back to ask why. Why did I do that? Why did I behave that way? It's very uncharacteristic of a man to do that. It was one of my very lowest moments with women," he said.

During the podcast, the former radio presenter also spoke on his relationship to his ex-wife and also revealed that he wasn't planning to remarry in the future.

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