How to know if you are still soul tied to your ex according to Sam West

• Soul ties can be lethal especially if the eprson you were involved with is not willing to let go.

• It is important to cut such ties to enable you move on.

Sam West

Ever heard the term soul ties?

This is when two souls come together, especially after a sexual escapade.

The big question is how does one know if they are still soul-tied with their exes?

According to Motivational speaker Sam West, here is how to know you are still tied to your ex


Obsession can often be manifested in ways such as stalking someone, calling them unnecessarily,

It can also be manifested by constantly thinking about someone who is no longer in your life.

Picking the same traits as your ex

This might be by visiting the same places you used to visit together.

 Buying stuff he would have liked or just doing something he would have done.

When you keep dreaming about your ex

Such dreams include memories you had together. It also involves dreaming of being intimate with their ex.

Unhealthy attachment with your ex

This includes wanting to remain friends with your exe's friends.

Doing things the same way he did, wanting to call him to seek approval, etc.

Some people feel if they were not with their ex, they would not exist.

You still keep things that he gifted you

This can include gifts such as rings, and necklaces.

One way to break soul ties with your ex is by ditching whatever they gifted you and denouncing them.

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